Unique for your pet!

The Little Pearl is happy to create exclusive furniture for your pets.

Step 1 - Purchase a "Custom Design Service".

Step 2 - Schedule two 30 minute Zoom meeting with Ceylan to start the journey of creating unique furniture.

Step 3 - Share your lovely buddy's photos, their favorite clothing, and the
measurements of the dedicated space with her.

Step 4 - Unique designs will be sent to you via email.

  • Pet Furniture

    We design and produce custome made furniture for your pets. The size, colour and the design will be unique for your place.

  • Pet Bedding

    Our custom made bedding collection for your pets are washable and easy to use. Waterproof and cotton sheets make your pet beds special. We have a big variety of colour and selection of quality fabric to choose from.

  • Pet Poster

    Visual artist Zubeyde Arda is the creator of our collage collection. You can reach her at instagram for a custom made art for your pets.

    instagram: zubeydearda


  • 1

    Purchase a "Custom Design Service".

  • 2

    Schedule two 30 minute Zoom meetings with Ceylan.

  • 3

    She will design exclusive furniture for your pet and you will receive the final designs via email.

  • *

    The cost of designing will be deducted from the total cost if you choose to work with us.

Little Pearl Presents: